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January 2017

Gingrich: We have the right to protect our own citizens

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On ‘Hannity’: Newt Gingrich discusses the latest extreme vetting program, as President Trump continues with his campaign promise to keep all US citizens safe – including the non-nonsensical cry-baby Liberal left.

Remember — The US has the absolute sovereign right to decide who (and who does not) come into the United States. Period.

JJ: Like it or not, Sanctuary City laws are getting enforced

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“So, what’s more important to you? Would you rather protect illegals who flaunted our laws to come here – and some who committed crimes while here… or law abiding American citizens, who shouldn’t have to lose police protection because they happen to live in a sanctuary city? If you believe in America, and everything we stand for, it’s time to demand an end to these criminal enclaves.

Judge Jeanine: Like it or not, our laws are about to be enforced. #MAGA

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