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November 2016

Trump’s Administration Team starts to take shape

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Trump’s Administration Team starts to take shape with the appointments of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (Attorney General), Retired US Army Lieutenant-General Mike Flynn (National security advisor), and Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo (CIA Director).

Bad news for the clueless hard left – but awesome news for America.

Eric Bolling explains it all…

“It’s Time to Grow Up”: Hannity Goes Off on “Coddled, Crybaby Liberals”

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Tonight, Sean Hannity went off on “coddled, crybaby liberals” who can’t come to grips with President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. Boo-hoo… boo-hoo…

He said that distraught college students and celebrities need to “get over themselves. Apparently, this is how the PC culture – where everybody’s a winner, everybody gets a participation trophy – and these liberals operate,” Hannity said. “We’re supposed to roll out the red carpet for sore loser liberals because their sub-par, crooked, corrupt candidate lost an election?”

“Please, give me a break. I think it’s time to grow up.”

Now, ain’t that the truth!

Hannity: “Abusively Biased” Media Was So Wrong About Trump

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Sean Hannity delivered a powerful monologue tonight about how the BS liberal mainstream media was “so wrong and so misleading” about President-elect Donald Trump. He blamed the anti-Donald Trump protests that are taking place across the country on the media’s “biased reporting” and “blatant disregard for the truth.”

“What we’re seeing now is what they purposefully, in many ways, I argue, created,” Hannity said. “The outrage that we now see against President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters, this is getting dangerous and extremely scary.”

Hannity noted that the media was “abusively biased” against Trump even before he announced his candidacy, mocking him and calling a Trump presidency “impossible.” “Back in 2008, right here on this program, I said journalism was dead,” Hannity said. “But this election, we found out it’s far worse than we ever could have imagined.”

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